Organic Fertilizer Production Line

Organic fertilizer production line is always used to produce organic fertilizer. The raw materials for the organic fertilizer production line include animal wastes like chicken manure, cow dung, pig manure and horse manure, municipal sludge(MSW), mushroom residues, bean dregs, palm oil waste, draff, composted stalk and so on. You can make use of these raw materials to produce both organic powder fertilizer and organic pellet fertilizer. The working process of a powder organic fertilizer production line is quite simple, and you do not need to purchase too many fertilizer equipment for the powder organic fertilizer production line. However, if you want to make organic granular fertilizer through a pellet organic fertilizer production line, Shunxin suggests you to prepare more investment fund. Apart from the fertilizer granulator, you need to have a drying machine, a cooling machine and a coating machine.

What solutions you can choose in Shunxin for making organic fertilizers?

Shunxin Heavy Industry has the ability to manufacture all kinds of professional biofertilizer production lines for you. In the following, Shunxin will show you the organic fertilizer machines that are useful in powder and granular fertilizer production lines respectively.

organic fertilizer production line
organic fertilizer production line

What are the processes for your commercial organic fertilizer fine powder making?

Organic fertilizer powder making line is often used for small scale organic waste fertilizer manufacturing plant. It has simple process and costs you less. Meanwhile, using Shunxin powdery fertilizer producing machines, you can get high-quality organic fertilizer powders for your commercial use.

organic fertilizer powder manufacturing process
organic fertilizer powder manufacturing process

Dewatering your organic materials

The first step is to dewater wet raw materials. For example, in organic chicken manure fertilizer pellet making line, you can use it for dewatering. Besides, it is also suitable for dehydrating cow dung, pig manure and so on. This is not a necessary process. If you have dry material, you can compost it immediately.

Composting organic materials for making fertilizers

Only composted organic materials can be used to make organic fertilizer. Therefore, this is an inevitable process. Through composting process, the organic raw material will be thoroughly decomposed. You can use Shunxin fermentation pots or windrow turners.

Fermentation pot for organic fertilizer production
Fermentation pot for organic fertilizer production

Crawler type organic fertilizer making windrow turner
Crawler type organic fertilizer making windrow turner

Composted material crushing

In this process, you can use a crushing machine to crush the fermented material into powder. You should make sure that there is no agglomerated cake in the raw material.

Crushed materials batching

If you want to add some microelements in your powder fertilizer, then you should have a batching machine to do it. Shunxin Heavy Industry has dynamic automatic batching machines and static batching machines for you to choose.

Static Automatic Batching Machine
Static Automatic Batching Machine

Static Automatic Batching Machine

Model: SXPL-600

Capacity: ≥1.25t/h

Number of Hopper: 4(can be customized)

Color: red

Feature: precise and fully automatic

Batched materials mixing

It is necessary to mix the batched materials in a mixer. Shunxin mixing machines are able to mix organic materials evenly.

NOTICE: Batching process and mixing process are not necessary steps. Thus, you can choose them or not according to the materials you have.

Screening the powdery fertilizers

The purpose of screening process is to get qualified organic powder fertilizer. In order to achieve this purpose, Shunxin has manufactured two types of screening machine. For your information, Shunxin has rotary screeners and vibrating screening machines. You should choose from them according to your needs.

Powder mixer
Powder mixer

Screening machine for powdery organic fertilizer selecting
Screening machine for powdery organic fertilizer selecting

Finished organic powder fertilizer packing

If you have a large scale fertilizer plant, we suggest you should buy an automatic packing scale to save labor. Shunxin packingscale include single bucket automatic packing scale and double bucket automatic fertilizer packaging machine.

How to make organic fertilizer granules efficiently for making profits?

If you want to recycle your organic manure for making money, equipping with an organic fertilizer granules making line will be helpful. Want to know how to make commercial organic fertilizer granules? Shunxin provides you complete information.

How to lower the moisture content of your organic materials?

As for some wet organic materials, you can not compost them directly. You should dewater the wet organic wastes at the beginning of an organic fertilizer production line. Shunxin solid-liquid separator machine is useful to reduce the moisture content of the raw materials.

equipment for dewatering the organic manure
equipment for dewatering the organic manure

What is the process for turning fresh organic chicken manure into available fertilizers?

All the organic raw material should be composted at the first step. After being composted, the raw materials will decomposed into some organic matters that can be absorbed by plants.

How should you do for preparing powdery fertilizer materials for granulating?

Since coarse fiber content of some organic materials is pretty high because, you must be careful to choose a proper crushing machine. The following are 3 recommendation fertilizer crushers of Shunxin: Semi-wet crusher machine, chain crusher machine and hammer crusher machine.

After crushing the organic materials, you need to mix it evenly. There are 3 mixing machines Shunxin suggests: Double-shaft horizontal mixer, horizontal fertilizer mixer and single-shaft mixer.

Only fine enough powder can be granulated. Thus, you need to select the qualified organic powder through screening process. This process has a great influence on the result of pelletizing.

Organic fertilizer powder pulverizer
Organic fertilizer powder pulverizer

Powdery mixer for organic fertilizer making line
Powdery mixer for organic fertilizer making line


Why use a cooling machine in organic fertilizer granules making line?

After drying, a belt conveyor will take the dried pellets to the cooling machine. Shunxin cooler machine looks like a rotary cylinder in which there are full of lifting boards. When the pellet comes out of the cooler, it will be harder and it’s moisture content will be lower.

How can you make the pelleted organic fertilizer in a better status?

At this stage, you should use a screening machine to collect finished pellet fertilizer. Meanwhile, the unqualified pellet and the powder material will be re-granulated in the granulator.

Meanwhile, if you want to make the finished organic pellet fertilizer can be stored for long and improve the brightness of the pellet surface, the coating process can help you realize this.

Coating Machine
Coating Machine

Fertilizer Coating Machine

Model: BM1200*4000

Inclination: 3°

Rotating Speed: 14(r/min)

Capacity: 5t/h

Power: 5.5kw

How to bulk pack your commercial organic fertilizer granules efficiently?

If you buy a small pellet organic fertilizer production line, you might weigh the organic pellet fertilizer artificially. However, with a large organic pellet fertilizer production line, we advise you to have a Shunxin automatic packing machines.

Key fertilizer machines used in organic fertilizer production line

For your organic fertilizer manufacturing, there are various equipment for you to choose. With these equipment, you can make your organic materials into available fertilizers in a short time with high quality and efficiency. Here you can know the detailed machines and process for organic fertilizer producing.

Full set of machines for organic fertilizer granules making line
Full set of machines for organic fertilizer granules making line

Dewatering machine for lowering the moisture content of fresh organic materials

Generally, the fresh organic materials has high moisture content. You can use Shunxin dewatering machines to dewater wet materials. This machine can lower the moisture content of your fresh organic materials. While, if your materials is dry, you do not need to equip with this machine.

Fermentation equipment for commercial organic fertilizer manufacturing

Fermentation pots and compost turners are important equipment for composting the raw materials. These fermentation machines can compost the raw materials fast and well, so they are high-efficiency organic fertilizer machines. Shunxin has six kinds of compost turners: groove type compost turner, wheel type compost turner, forklift type compost turner crawler type compost turner, moving type compost turner, chain type compost turner. In addition, compared with compost turners, fermentation pots are more eco-friendly. Through the composting process in a fermentation pot, the organic material will be less smelly.

Moving type composting equipment

Small Compost Turner

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chain type bio composting turner equipment

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stainless steel fermenter

Fermentation Tank

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Groove Type Compost Turner

Composting Machine

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Groove Type Compost Turner

Compost Turner

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Crushing machine for making organic fertilizer fine powder

After the fermentation, there must be some agglomerated cakes in the material. For your commercial organic fertilizer powder making business, a crushing machine can help you make finer fertilizer powder. What’s more, fine powder material can make pelleted fertilizers more evenly.

New Type Vertical Crusher
New Type Vertical Crusher

New Type Vertical Crusher

Model: SXLSF-600

Size of Feed Port: 380*320mm

Power: 22kw

Capacity: 4-6t/h

Overall Size: 1500*1500*1500mm

Mixing machine for blending your powdery materials evenly

In order to make the materials qualified for granulating process, you need a mixing machine to blend the organic material evenly. The materials you can use for fertilizer granulator should be powders. And the evener the powder, the better the granulating effects.

Granulating machine for fertilizer granules making

Fertilizer granulating machines are the key facilities in a pellet organic fertilizer production line. For making organic granular fertilizer, Shunxin recommends you pan granulators, rotary drums and new type organic fertilizer granulators. These equipment are suitable for pelletizing your powdery organic fertilizers into granules.

Patent granulator for organic fertilizer granules making
Patent granulator for organic fertilizer granules making

Patent granulator for organic fertilizer granules making

Model: SXJZ-600

Installation Angle: 2°-2.5°

Capacity: 1-1.5t/h

Total Power: 37kw

Dimension: 4100*1600*1150

Application: making organic pellet fertilizers

Equipment for you to process pelleted organic fertilizer efficiently

Besides the main equipment for your powdery and granular organic fertilizer production line, there are some machines for you to process the pelleted fertilizer better. These machines can help you get well processed commercial organic fertilizer pellets in a short time. Meanwhile, the quality will be higher, too.

Rotary type powder screening machine

Rotary screener

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Rotating Drum Coating Machine

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Single Bucket Packing Machine

Fertilizer Packing Machine for Sale

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rotating drier equipment

Fertilizer Dryer for Sale 

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Drying and cooling equipment for better transportation and storage

After the granulating, the moisture content of the pellet fertilizer is a little high because of the wet granulation. Thus, you should dry the pellets for better transportation and storage. Here Shunxin provides you rotary dryer for drying efficiently. For your information, drying naturally is also available for your small scale organic fertilizer granules making plant.

But, the drying process needs high temperature. And the dried fertilizer granular will be have high temperature, a cooling machine can lower the temperature and take the water attached on the surface of granules away.

If you has any doubt about the drying and cooling process, we are glad to help you!

Screening machine for better quality of pelleted organic fertilizers

You can use Shunxin screening machine to separate qualified pellet and unqualified pellet. The qualified pellet fertilizer will be coated in the coating machine while the unqualified pellet will be conveyed to the crusher or granulator for processing again.

Organic manure fertilizer granules coating machine

In order to store the pellet fertilizer for a long time, you should adopt a Shunxin coating machine to coat the pellet. Exactly, the coated pellet fertilizer is the finished organic granular fertilizer.

Granular organic fertilizer packing machine

When the last procedure is done, a packing scale will start to work. Shunxin automatic packing scales are settable. You can set a numeric value like 50 pounds per bag of your automatic scale, and then it will carry out precisely.

After learning so much for Shunxin organic fertilizer production lines, you might want to purchase a complete set of fertilizer machines from us. Of course, you might also have some questions in your mind. For example, what is the effectiveness of the organic fertilizer or how is the organic fertilizer market? The following is the answers to those questions.

Single Bucket Packing Machine
Single Bucket Packing Machine

Single Bucket Packing Machine

Model: SXH-A50

Function: packing and weighing materials

Weight: 600kg

Voltage: 380v

Packing Speed: 3-4bags/min

Degree of Automation: fully automatic

Cost of Shunxin organic fertilizer production line

Shunxin Heavy Industrial Machinery is a famous organic fertilizer facilities manufacturer in China. We have our own large scale factory. Hence, we are able to sell our fertilizer equipment at factory prices. All Shunxin organic fertilizer equipment include dewatering machine, compost turner, fermentation pot, crushing machine, batching machine, fertilizer mixer, screening machine, granulator, fertilizer drum dryer, cooling machine, coating machine, fertilizer packing scale and different types of conveyors. In addition, Shunxin will launch some promotions from time to time in order to make some tangible benefits for you. What’s more, if you want to know more details about the discount information, please pay close attention to our website. Moreover, you can contact us directly. Our experts will consider at your perspective and design a best price organic fertilizer production line for you.

Shunxin organic fertilizer production lines are high-quality and inexpensive. If you have interests in our products, you shall not hesitate anymore. Inquire now! We will provide you best fertilizer facilities and service.

Shunxin organic fertilizer granules making machines run in our customer’s plant efficiently

Q&A about organic fertilizer making industry

Q: What is the effectiveness of organic fertilizer?

Answer: Organic fertilizer is widely used to produce green food, and it can provide full nutrients for the plants. Both organic powder fertilizer and organic pellet fertilizer have some advantages.

  1. Organic fertilizer can refine the soil. When organic fertilizer is sprayed in the soil, some microorganism can absorb the nutrients from organic fertilizer. Then the microorganism will decompose the organic matters which can improve the soil fertility.
  2. Organic fertilizer can increase yield and quality of plants. Organic fertilizer contains a lot of organic matters and nutrients. Therefore, it can promote growth of the plants efficiently.

Q: Does organic fertilizer industry have a promising future?

Answer: Absolutely, the answer is yes. Nowadays, people pays more attention to food safety issues, so many of them are inclined to eat organic food. Organic food has a great demand of organic fertilizer, and in the future, this demand will increase. Thus, there is no doubt that organic fertilizer will be mainstream fertilizer in the market.

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