Chicken Manure Production Line

Chicken manure production line belongs to organic fertilizer production lines. Obviously, this organic fertilizer production line takes chicken waste as raw material. Chicken manure production lines can be classified into chicken manure powder production line and pellet chicken manure production line. Compared with powder chicken manure production lines, a chicken manure pellet production line includes more organic fertilizer machines.

organic chicken manure fertilizer powder manufacturing process
organic chicken manure fertilizer powder manufacturing process

In general, the water content of fresh chicken manure is a little high, so you must dewater it with Shunxin dawatering machine before composting. If you have dry chicken manure, you don’t need to have a dewatering machine. However, if the chicken manure is too dry, you should add some water in it. There are two different composting methods: closed fermentation method with Shunxin fermentation pots and open-air fermentation method with Shunxin compost turners.

chicken manure windrow composting turner machine
chicken manure windrow composting turner machine

chicken manure fermentation pot
chicken manure fermentation pot

Apart from compost equipment, you will also need fertilizer crusher, mixing machines, organic fertilizer granulators, fertilizer dryer and cooler, coating machines and automatic fertilizer packaging machines. If you want to make more nutritious chicken manure fertilizer, you can equip a batching machine in your chicken manure production line.

Chicken manure contains a lot of nutrients that are good for soil and plants. It is a good recycling method to covert chicken waste to fertilizer. In the following, Shunxin will introduce which nutrients can be provided by chicken manure.

What are available nutrients in chicken manure fertilizer?

Among all the animals, chicken have the shortest digestive system. This means chicken can not make use of feed very well, so chicken manure contains a lot of nutrients. According to the research of biological scientists, chicken manure contains nitrogen, phosphoric acid, potassium, sulfate, calcium and some other micro elements, organic matters, amino acid including lysine and methionine, crude fiber, NFE and abundant B group vitamins. Apart from these nutrients, there are also some beneficial factors that can promote the growth of plants.

Now that chicken manure has so many nutrients in, it definitely a good idea to turn raw chicken manure into chicken manure fertilizer. The key point that you focus on must be how to make chicken manure fertilizer.

How to process chicken manure into organic fertilizer efficiently?

According to the above, we’ve got some knowledge that chicken manure contains lots of nutrients and microorganism that are beneficial to soil and plants. However, chicken manure can not be used in the field directly. Only composted chicken manure is allowed to be sprayed in the field. Composted chicken manure can be made into organic powder fertilizer and organic pellet fertilizer through Shunxin chicken manure production lines.

Introduction of the fertilizer facilities used in a chicken manure production line: fresh chicken litter dewatering machines, fermentation pots, compost turners, chicken manure fertilizer pulverizing machines, mixing machines, powdery chicken manure screening machines, chicken waste granulating machines, pelleted chicken manure dryer machines, cooling machines, coating machines and automatic packing scales.

Chicken Manure Fertilizer Production Line
Chicken Manure Fertilizer Production Line

Technical process of chicken manure production line you should know

Turning fresh chicken poo into available organic fertilizers, you should do some preparations. Meanwhile, there are also some processes for you to make your fertilizer better. Here are details about the processes you should know.

Dewatering fresh chicken manure:

The moisture content of fresh chicken manure is too high, and this kind of raw material is hard to be thoroughly decomposed. Thus, in order to get fine material for the granulating process, you must dewater the fresh chicken manure with a Shunxin dewatering machine.

chicken manure dewatering machine
chicken manure dewatering machine

chicken manure dewatering machine

Model: SX-180+

Main Power: 4kw

Pump Power: 2.2kw

Vibrating power: 0.04kw

Voltage: 380v


Composting chicken manure:

Many of you would like to know the answer to “How long to compost chicken manure?”. Shunxin Heavy Industry will provide you with two kinds of commercial compost equipment. If you want to adopt a fermentation pot to compost chicken manure, the composting process will last 8 or 10 days. However, if you are willing to buy a compost turner, it will take 15 to 20 days to get the chicken manure composted. For your information, the chicken manure composted by a fermentation pot will be less smelly. However, compared with a compost turner, a fermentation pot is more expensive.

Crushing composted chicken manure:

There must be some agglomerated large particles in the composted chicken manure. You need a Shunxin crushing machine to crush them into powder.

Screening crushed material:

After crushing, you should make use of a screening machine to select qualified chicken manure powder for the granulating process. What’s more, the unqualified will be collected and re-crushed.

Granulating chicken manure material:

This is the crucial step of the whole fertilizer production line. Shunxin has three kinds of granulating machines for you to choose: disc pan granulators, rotary drum granulators and new type organic fertilizer granulators. FYI: Shunxin new type organic fertilizer granulator is the patent fertilizer granulator machine of our company, and it is very efficient.

chicken manure pan granulation machine
chicken manure pan granulation machine

plate granulator

Model: SXYZ-1200

Edge Height: 250mm

Rotary Speed: 21(r/min)

Capacity: 0.3-0.5t/h

Total Power: 1.5kw

Dimension: 1200*14700*800(mm)

Polishing process:

If you want to make super round chicken manure pellet fertilizer, this polishing process is inevitable. Shunxin polishing machine will be very helpful.

Drying the chicken manure pellet:

You need to dry the chicken manure pellet in the Shunxin dryer machine, because the moisture content is fairly high.

Cooling process:

With the help of natural wind and exhaust fan, the dried chicken manure pellet will be cool down at room temperature.

Screening again:

The aim of the second screening process is to separate the qualified and the unqualified.

Coating the chicken manure pellet:

The qualified pellet will be coated in Shunxin coating machine.

Coating Machine
Coating Machine

Fertilizer Coater

Model: SXBM-1200

Power: 7.5kw

Capacity: 7-10t/h

Rotating Speed: 12(r/min)

Dimension: 1200*4000mm

Automatic packing process:

Here comes the last step. You can pack the finished chicken manure pellet with our automatic packing scales. Shunxin automatic packing scales include dynamic automatic packing machine and static automatic packing machine.

Notice: You also need to prepare several conveyors to transport the material between two fertilizer machines.

Recommendation of Shunxin chicken manure production lines according to capacity

Over the past 30 years, Shunxin has sold many chicken manure production lines to our domestic and foreign clients. Each Shunxin organic fertilizer production lines are specially designed by our expert team. The following are some hot sale chicken manure production lines of Shunxin Heavy Industry. In order to make it convenient for you to read, we’ll introduce them according to their capacity.

What do you need for manufacturing chicken manure fertilizer powder in small scale?

For your small scale organic chicken manure fertilizer powder making, you can equip with 2-4t/h processing machines. This powder fertilizer production line is suitable for a small-scale fertilizer plant. If you have a chicken farm, you can buy a small chicken manure production line to make more profit. If you don’t have one, you’d better set up a fertilizer plant near a chicken farm to get raw material. You don’t need to hire too many workmen for a small organic fertilizer production line. In addition, a small chicken manure production line has small space demand. According to our previous graph paper, this fertilizer production line requires that the area of your factory should be 10m(W)*35m(L).

How much area is suitable for Shunxin simple 5-6t/h chicken poo recycling line?

Compared with small fertilizer production lines, this medium-size chicken manure powder fertilizer production line covers a larger area. Larger output can be achieved by larger models of fertilizer machines. In general, Shunxin recommends you build a factory which is 12 meters wide and 40 meters long.

How can you set up a powdery line with 10-12t/h production capacity for chicken litter management?

Honestly speaking, this is a fairly large chicken manure powder production line. If you want to invest such a large organic fertilizer production line, the first thing that you should concern must be “where to buy chicken manure ”. Large output means large demand of chicken manure. Therefore, you must do some research to find out if you can get enough chicken manure material around your factory. Commonly, this fertilizer production line need a factory whose area is 30m(W)*60m(L).

Full set of chicken manure fertilizer powder making machine
Full set of chicken manure fertilizer powder making machine

What equipment is suitable for you granular chicken manure fertilizer production?

Pellet fertilizer production lines are more complex than powder fertilizer production lines, and you need more fertilizer facilities for a pellet fertilizer production line. Thus, a chicken manure powder production line has more space demand.

How much area do you need for setting a 1-2 t/h chicken manure fertilizer pellet making line?

Just like small-size chicken manure powder production lines, this small chicken manure pellet production line is suitable for the investors who have a chicken farm. However, if you are not a chicken farm holder, you’d better build your small chicken waste fertilizer plant near a chicken farm.

By doing so, you can save a lot of transport costs. According to the advice of Shunxin experts, this small fertilizer production line is 35 meters wide and 65 meters long.

Factory requirements for your medium size organic chicken litter fertilizer pellets making

4-6 t/h. Compared with middle-size powder fertilizer production lines, this chicken manure pellet production line needs more fertilizer machines to produce high-quality pellet fertilizer. Therefore, it is understandable that a medium-size chicken manure pellet production line covers a larger area. In accordance with our past experience, you need a factory that is around 40m(W)*150m(L) to place this chicken manure pellet production line.

What equipment configurations you can adopt for manufacturing chicken poo fertilizer granules with high output?

If you want to buy a large-output chicken manure pellet production line, you should make best use of it. In order to get recovery cost quickly and make more profits, Shunxin suggests you carry out shift work: eight hours per shift and three shifts per day. Certainly, in order to make sure this fertilizer production line will work smoothly, you must maintain and repair all your fertilizer machines regularly. The space needed by this large chicken manure pellet production line is about 60m(W)*150m(L).

Organic Pellet Fertilizer Production Line
Organic Pellet Fertilizer Production Line

All in all, the data information we’ve mentioned is for your reference. Moreover, Shunxin expert team will tailor a suitable chicken manure fertilizer production line for your plant. If you have any interest, you can contact us right now.

After learning so much, Shunxin believes that you have had a basic understanding about chicken manure production lines. Next, you might want to know some price information about Shunxin chicken manure production lines.

How much does a chicken manure production line cost?

In fact, this question is quite hard to answer. A chicken manure fertilizer production line consists of many different fertilizer machines. Thus, Shunxin experts need to know your budget, factory site, characteristics of the raw material and some other information to design a perfect fertilizer production line for you.

For example, if you choose fresh chicken manure as raw material, there is no doubt that you need buy a dewatering machine to reduce the moisture content of the fresh chicken manure. However, if you choose dry chicken manure as raw material, we will not equip a dewatering machine for your chicken manure production line. What’s more, configuration of the fertilizer machines will influence the price of a chicken manure production line. For instance, if you have high standards of fertilizer manchines in your chicken manure production line and you want all your fertilizer machines are quipped with Siemens motors, definitely, your fertilizer production line will cost more.

All Shunxin fertilizer machines are sold at factory prices, because we have our own large factory. Shunxin aims to provide high-quality and economical fertilizer facilities to all our clients.

Anyway, if you want to invest a chicken manure production line, please contact us. Our sales will give you best advice.

Chicken Manure Production Line
Chicken Manure Production Line

Preparation of a chicken manure fertilizer plant

No matter what you want to do, you must get yourself well-prepared. Starting a chicken manure factory is no exception. The following content is about five steps for you to begin your chicken manure fertilizer business.

  • Make sure that you have enough start-up capital. If you are lack of money at latter stage of your fertilizer business, it will cause many troubles.
  • Do some detailed market research. During this process, you will find out what kinds of chicken manure fertilizer are popular in your local market.
  • Choose a best factory site. For choosing a suitable factory site, you should put traffic condition on the first place. Warning: Do not set up your factory in isolated area where transportation is difficult. In addition, you also need to consider if it is easy to get chicken manure material around your organic fertilizer plant.
  • Buy high-quality organic fertilizer machines. Shunxin suggests you should purchase chicken manure processing machines from reliable and powerful manufacturers. Good manufacturers can provide you quality fertilizer equipment. Moreover, if there is something wrong with your fertilizer machine, a dependable manufacturer will provide after-sale service in time.
  • Establish certain marketing channels. You need some marketing channels to distribute your chicken manure products. Shunxin recommends you sell your fertilizer products online and offline. In this way, you can sell the chicken manure fertilizer quickly.

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