Cow Dung Fertilizer Machine for Sale

Cow dung fertilizer machine is a kind of fertilizer making equipment for manure pellet fertilizer processing. With Tongda cow dung manure making machines, your can make cow dung manure into pellet fertilizer easily. To get a better granulating effect, there are dewatering machines for you to reduce the moisture content of cow dung raw material, and you can also add some stalks or sawdust into the cow dung to reduce moisture content. The multi-nutritious manure pellets can be produced in a large quantity with our high-performance granulator making machine. It can granulate 1 ton to 10 tons organic materials per hour. For your reference, we can tailor cow dung fertilizer machine for you according to your own demands. As a main equipment in the cow dung fertilizer production line, our granulator will pave your way to the manure mixing, drying, cooling, screening, coating, screening and packing.

Cow Dung Organic Fertilizer Granulator
Cow Dung Organic Fertilizer Granulator

Cow Dung Organic Fertilizer Granulator

Model: TDJZ-800

Installation Angle: 2°-2.5°

Capacity: 1.5-2.5t/h

Total Power: 55kw

Dimension: 4250*1850*1300mm

Application: making organic pellet fertilizers

Compared with powder fertilizer, what advantages does cow dung pellet fertilizer have?

There is no doubt that organic powder fertilizer and organic pellet fertilizer do have its own advantages. However, to be honest, cow dung pellet fertilizer has more advantages than cow dung powder fertilizer. That you might not know. Here are 3 reasons as followed:

  • In order to improve the fertilizer efficiency, you could add some inorganic matters into the cow dung raw material. If you add inorganic matters in the cow dung powder fertilizer, it will absorb lots of moisture and will cake. But if you add inorganic matters in the pellet fertilizer, the above-mentioned phenomenon will never occur.
  • Organic pellet fertilizer is more convenient to be sprayed in the fields than organic powder fertilizer. Some organic fertilizers’ specific gravity is light, so if they are made into powder fertilizer, they will be easily blown away from the field. If they are made into pellet fertilizer, they will not be blown away from the field that easily.
  • Compared with cow dung powder fertilizer, cow dung pellet fertilizer is much cleaner and eco-friendly because organic pellet won’t cause flowing dust. What’s more, it is much more convenient to store and transport pellet fertilizer than powder fertilizer.

So much for the advantages of cow dung pellet fertilizer, then how to make cow dung pellet fertilizer?

How does Tongda rotary cow dung drum granulation machine work?

How to make manure pellet from cow dung with Tongda fertilizer machines?

Before cow dung becomes pellet fertilizer, there are 4 steps for it to go through.


Cow dung can be divided into dry cow dung and fresh cow dung. There are different methods for composting them.

Dry cow dung: There is lack of moisture in the dry cow dung, so you need to add some liquid in the raw material. Then you can cover plastic cloth on the raw material, so that it will compost faster.

Fresh cow dung: As for fresh cow dung, you need to add some accessory ingredients to absorb some moisture from the fresh cow dung. Too much moisture will cause oxygen deficit, which is bad for the composting process. Common accessory ingredients include sawdust, stalk, plant ash and so on. During this process, you will need an organic fertilizer fermentation tank or compost turner.


Fermenter for Biofertilizer Production
Fermenter for Biofertilizer Manufacturing

Fermenter for Biofertilizer Manufacturing

Model: TDFJG-20

Heating Power: 36kw

Stirring Power: 18.5kw

Stirring Speed: 3(r/min)

Overall Size: 3700*3700*8500mm


The coarse fiber content of some organic material is pretty high because, so as an investor, you must choose a proper crushing machine. The following are 3 suggestive cow dung powder making machines of Tongda: Semi-wet crusher machine, chain crusher machine and hammer crusher machine.


After cow dung is crushed into powder, the mixer machine will start to work. The processed powder cow dung needs to be put into a mixer machine. The Tongda mixing machine can  blend the powder raw material evenly and fast. It is more easy for granulators to make uniform materials into pellet fertilizer. Tongda mixers include disc mixer, vertical mixer, horizontal mixer, single shaft mixer and double shafts horizontal mixer. You can buy mixer according to your needs. And if you have any problems with mixers, Tongda staff would like to provide suggestions for you.

Single Shaft Mixer
Single Shaft Mixer

Single Shaft Mixer

Model: TDSJ-7030

Power: 11kw

Stirring Speed: 54(r/min)

Overall Size: 4000*950*1600mm

Color: red(can be customized)


Cow dung fertilizer machine is the most significant machine of the whole cow manure pellet production line. Different machines have different features and you can choose proper machines for your plants according to your needs. For example, you can choose the cow dung fertilizer machines by capacity. Rotary drum granulators are large-capacity machines while Tongda pan granulators is relatively small-capacity machines. Even if there is capacity limitation , you can purchase more than one machine to reach the goal of large output.

Pan Granulator For Cow Dung Fertilizer Making
Pan Granulator For Cow Dung Fertilizer Making

Pan Granulator For Cow Dung Fertilizer Making

Model: TDYZ-600

Edge Height: 280mm

Rotary Speed: 33.5(r/min)

Capacity: 0.05-0.1t/h

Total Power: 0.75kw

Dimension: 800*700*950mm

This is not the end of the cow dung fertilizer production line, but here, cow dung raw material has become semi-finished pellet fertilizer which will go through drying process next.

Now that pelletizing process is the key part of the whole production line, what granulators can Tongda provide for you ?

Three cow dung fertilizer machines tailored for your farm plants

Cow dung disc granulator for sale

Tongda disc granulator  is a hot-sale cow dung fertilizer machine . You can use it to granulate a lot of different materials. In addition, the granulation rate of this machine is above  93%.

Cow Dung Disc Granulator
Cow Dung Disc Granulator

Cow Dung Disc Granulator

Model: TDYZ-1800

Edge Height: 300mm

Rotary Speed: 21(r/min)

Capacity: 0.8-1.2t/h

Total Power: 3kw

Dimension: 2060*1700*2130mm

Customized rotary drum cow dung fertiliser machines for sale

Rotary drums are suitable for all kinds of fertilizer plants. The minimum capacity of this granulator is 1 ton per hour, and the maximum capacity of it is 30 tons per hour. Tongda can tailor rotating granulators for you.

rotary drum cow dung fertiliser machine
rotary drum cow dung fertiliser machine

rotary drum cow dung fertiliser machine

Model: TDZGZ-2080

Power: 18.5kw

Diameter: 2000

Installation Angel: 2°-5°

Rotary Speed: 11(r/min)

Capacity: 8-15t/h

New type cow dung fertilizer granulator for sale

The new type granulating machine is a patent product of Tongda. It is a specialized granulator for organic fertilizer production line.

If you buy fertilizer granulator machines from Tongda company, what should you do you to prolong the service life of them? The following are some details for your reference.

cow dung fertilizer machine
Cow Dung Fertilizer Machine

Cow Dung Fertilizer Machine

Model: TDJZ-1000

Installation Angle: 2°-2.5°

Capacity: 2-4t/h

Total Power: 75kw

Dimension: 4700*2350*1600mm

Application: making organic pellet fertilizers

How can you use the cow dung fertilizer machine for a longer time?

During the working process, any kind of machines will get worn-out. If you use cow dung making machines for a long time, there will be some little malfunction occurring. In order to make sure that the cow dung making machines will work normally, you must do a good job of daily management and maintenance.

How can you operate the cow dung fertilizer machine correctly? The following are some tips from Tongda Expert Team:

  • The newly installed screws areeasy to becomeloose, you should check them frequently;
  • You should check that if all the parts of the cow dung fertilizer machine can work normally;
  • You must check the attrition rate of the quick-wear parts and change them timely;
  • It is better for you to place the cow dung fertilizer machine on a flat ground;
  • If the temperature of the bearing part rises, you should halt the cow dung granulator immediately and figure out the problems.
  • If there is any abnormal acoustical shock, you should halt the cow dung fertilizer machine right away.

According to the above-mentioned points to operate the pellet granulators, you can use them for a long time.

Crawler Type Composting Turner
Crawler Type Composting Turner

Crawler Type Composting Turner

Model: TDLDF-2300

Turning Width: 2.3m

Turning Height: 0.6-1m

Row Spacing: 0.8-1m

Power: 75kw

A promising industry worthwhile for your investing!

At present, cow dung fertilizer machines have a promising prospect because the market demand of cow dung pellet fertilizer is very huge. Thus, it’s a good investment project to purchase Tongda cow dung fertilizer machines. In addition, the raw material cow manure is pretty easy to get, which will make convenience for you. According to the market demand of cow dung fertilizer, it will be more marketable to make cow dung raw material into organic pellet fertilizer. Moreover, it is more convenient to store and transport pellet fertilizer.

For your information, disc granulators and rotary drum granulators can just make roundish pellet. By the way, if you want to produce fertilizer pellet of very round shape, you can buy an organic fertilizer polishing machine from Tongda. Tongda pellet making machine is economical and there are 3 different types of manure making machines available to you. They are new type organic fertilizer granulator, rotary drum granulator and disc granulator.

Cow dung fertilizer machine manufactured from Tongda Fertilizer Machinery will be your reasonable choice both in cost and performance. All types of fertilizer granulators are at factory price level, get more details in the fertilizer making machine design, solutions and prices, welcome contacting us.

If you have any interest or need of our product, just feel free to send inquiry to us!

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