NPK fertilizer production process

NPK fertilizer is the chemical fertilizer. In NPK fertilizer, the content of nitrogen phosphorus and kalium elements is high. Compared with organic fertilizers, NPK fertilizers are fast-effective. In modern agriculture, NPK fertilizers are absolutely necessary nutrients. Therefore, the future of NPK fertilizer industry is promising. In general, there are two NPK fertilizer processing methods for making NPK fertilizers. The first method is to granulate chemical powdery materials into NPK fertilizer pellets. The another method is to blend different ready-made N-fertilizer pellets, P-fertilizer pellets and K-fertilizer pellets.According to these two NPK fertilizer production process, Tongda experts has design two types of NPK compound fertilizer production lines: NPK fertilizer granulating lines and NPK fertilizer blending lines.

A NPK fertilizer granulating line consists of crusher machine, fertilizer mixer, granulator, screening machine, fertilizer coating machine and automatic fertilizer packing machine. Compared with NPK fertilizer granulating lines, the NPK fertilizer blending lines are fairly simple. Generally, a NPK fertilizer blending line includes automatic batching machine, BB fertilizer mixer, storage hopper and fertilizer packing machine.

NPK fertilizer production process
NPK fertilizer production process

What are the raw materials for NPK fertilizer production process?

We have mentioned that there are two different NPK fertilizer production processes. For NPK fertilizer granulating lines, you need to prepare some chemical powdery materials. For NPK fertilizer blending lines, you must use different NPK fertilizer pellets as the materials. In the following content, Tongda will introduce the raw materials of the these two different NPK fertilizer production processes respectively.

Raw materials for NPK fertilizer granulating line

The NPK fertilizer is made from powdery chemical materials that contain nitrogen, phosphate and potassium elements. In common, you can use urea, ammonium chloride, calcium nitrate, ammonium sulfate as nitrogen source. What’s more, monoammonium phosphate, diammonium phosphate, calcium magnesium phosphate and triple suprphosphate are often used to provide phosphate elements. In addition, the potassium source for NPK fertilizer include potassium chloride, kainite, potassium sulfate, etc…

NPK fertilizer production process
NPK fertilizer production process

Raw materials for NPK fertilizer blending line

The materials for NPK fertilizer blending lines are some different pellet fertilizers. They mainly include monoammonium phosphate pellet(MAP), diammonium phosphate pellet(DAP), potassium sulphate pellet, potassium chloride pellet, urea fertilizer pellet, ammonium chloride pellet, ammonium sulfate pellet, bentonite pellet and so on. The fertilizer formula of NPK fertilizer blending lines is adjustable. Therefore, if you want to invest in NPK fertilizer industry, you can do a research on the soil constituents of your local place.

NPK fertilizer granules blenidng line
NPK fertilizer granules blenidng line

How to make NPK fertilizer?

Honestly speaking, it is up to what kinds of raw materials you are going to use. The NPK fertilizer production technologies of NPK fertilizer granulating line and NPK fertilizer blending line are totally different.

Manufacturing process of NPK fertilizer granulating line

The first step is to crush the materials into evenly powder that is fine enough for granulation process. After this process, if you want to make more nutrient NPK fertilizers, you can use a batching machine to add some microelements in the powder material. Then the batched material should be evenly mixed in a fertilizer mixing machine. Next, it comes the most important part of the whole production line: granulating process.

The quality of powder material and the quality of the fertilizer granulator you use will greatly affect granulation result. So, you should choose high-quality granulator for your fertilizer plant. It is not the final step when you get finished NPK fertilizer pellet. In order to store the fertilizer pellets for long time, the finished pellets will go through drying process, cooling process and coating process. When all these work is done, you can get the completely finished fertilizer pellets. Then you can pack the fertilizer pellets and sell it.

To sum up, the granulating fertilizer production line goes: Crushing→batching→mixing→granulating→screening→drying→cooling→coating→packing

NPK Fertilizer Production Line
NPK Fertilizer Production Line

Manufacturing process of NPK fertilizer blending line

Actually, we also call NPK fertilizer blending line as BB fertilizer production line. This is nearly the simplest fertilizer production line. The first step is batching fertilizer pellets with automatic batching machine. In order to get evenly-mixed NPK fertilizer pellets, you need a specialized BB fertilizer mixer. After being mixed, the complex fertilizer pellets will be stored in the storage hopper temporarily. You should place the automatic fertilizer packing machine under the storage hopper. When the fertilizer pellets come out of the storage hopper, they will be packed into bags immediately.

To be short, the blending fertilizer production line goes: Batching→mixing→temporarily storing→packing

NPK fertilizer blending line
NPK fertilizer blending line

Fertilizer production machines for NPK fertilizer production process

Manufacturing NPK fertilizers granules, there are various equipment configurations for your reference. Whether for your NPK granulation line or the blending line, we have different equipment for you to choose. Here you can know them better.

NPK fertilizer machines for granulating method

Orderly, Tongda will present the fertilizer production equipment for granulating production line for you as follows:

NPK fertilizer crusher→automatic batching machine→fertilizer mixer→granulator→screening machine→fertilizer dryer→NPK fertilizer cooling machine→fertilizer coating equipment→fertilizer packing scale

Fertilizer granulators are the core equipment for this fertilizer production line. Tongda has three kinds of granulators for it. They are pan granulator, double roller granulator and rotary drum granulating machine.

Rotary Drum Fertilizer Pelletizer
Rotary Drum Fertilizer Pelletizer

Rotary Drum Fertilizer Pelletizer

Model: TDZGZ-1870

Power: 15kw

Diameter: 1800mm

Installation Angel: 2°-5°

Rotary Speed: 11.5(r/min)

Capacity: 5-8t/h

NPK fertilizer machines for blending method

BB fertilizer production line only require four kinds of fertilizer making machines. Tongda will show them to you in the following content.
Automatic batching machine→BB fertilizer mixer machine→storage hopper→NPK fertilizer packing machine

Notice: In both NPK fertilizer granulating line and NPK fertilizer blending line, apart from the above mentioned machines, you will also need conveyor to connect two neighboring fertilizer machines.

How does bulk blending mixing machine work for NPK fertilizer granules making?

What NPK granulator machine you can use for NPK fertilizer granules production line?

Manufacturing NPK fertilizer granules, there are various fertilizer granulation machines for your reference. Whether you want to use the dry or wet granulation technology for pelletizing, we can meet you needs. The drum type and pan granulators employ wet granulation method for granulating your NPK fertilizers. And the fertilizer roller compactor machine takes advantages of extrusion force for making the NPK fertilizer powder into granular.

Drum type NPK fertilizer granulator for large scale fertilizer production

The rotating drum granulation machine has large output. It is often used for pelletizing NPK compound fertilizers. This machine utilizes rotating cylinder for turning your powdery NPK fertilizers into granules. Meanwhile, you can also add some vapour into it when granulating. Compared with other granulators, the rotating drum NPK fertilizer pelletizer has the largest production capacity. It can process 20 ton NPK fertilizers per hour. You can use it for your large scale NPK compound fertilizer granulation line.

Large scale NPK fertilizer granulation machine
Large scale NPK fertilizer granulation machine

Pan NPK fertilizer granulation equipment

Pan fertilizer granulator is popular in NPK fertilizer making plant. This machine is economic for your NPK fertilizer granules production. It utilizes the rotating pan for granulating. There are various specifications with different production capacities, sizes and prices for you to choose.

Dry type roller press granulating machine for NPK fertilizer granules making

For your dry NPK fertilizer powder granulating, there are dry NPK fertilizer press granulation machine for your reference. It uses advanced dry granulation technology for pressing the fertilizer powder into granules. If the moisture content of your powdery NPK fertilizer is about 5%, this granulation machine is a good choice.

Pan type NPK fertilizer granulation equipment
Pan type NPK fertilizer granulation equipment

Dry type roller press NPK fertilizer granules pelletizer
Dry type roller press NPK fertilizer granules pelletizer

Cost of setting up a NPK fertilizer plant

How much will it cost to establish a NPK fertilizer plant? Honestly speaking, it’s too complex to answer this question, because we do not know what a NPK fertilizer plant you want to build. Though we can not know the specific expense for setting up a NPK fertilizer plant, we can analyse which aspects you should consider about investing a fertilizer plant.

There are mainly three aspects. Firstly, it is the rent of your factory. Secondly, you also need consider the salary of the working men. Third, you should prepare money for NPK fertilizer equipment. For the last aspect, Tongda can supply all kinds of NPK fertilizer making machines at factory prices.
Except factory-price fertilizer facilities, Tongda will also provide you high-quality pre-sale service and after-sale service. If you want to invest in NPK fertilizer industry, we are willing to provide professional suggestion for you.

Tongda NPK fertilizer granulation line

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