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Basic information about Shunxin

Name: Zhengzhou Shunxin Engineering Equipment Co., Ltd.

Whatsapp: 180 3757 2883

: +86 180 3757 2883


: Li Kezhai, Zhengshang Road, Chengguan Township, Xingyang City, Zhengzhou City, Henan Province

Main facilities

Granulator: pan granulator, double roller granulator, rotary drum granulator, new type organic fertilizer granulator

Production line: organic fertilizer production line, compound fertilizer production line, BB fertilizer production line

Composting equipment: compost turner, fermenter for biofertilizer production

Auxiliary equipment: solid-liquid separator, fertilzier crusher, industrial mixing machine, fertilizer drier, automatic fertilizer packing machine

Promises of Shunxin

About product quality:

All Shunxin fertilizer facilities are made of hard-wearing materials, so they have long service life. In addition, we can equip your fertilizer machine with German motors according to your demands.

About product price:

We promise that we provide all our machines at factory price. Please feel free to buy our fertilizer equipment.

About after-sale service:

The guarantee period of our products is one year. During the guarantee period, we will repair the damaged parts or provide new ones for you for free. If it is beyond the guarantee period, Shunxin can provide the parts at preferential price for you.

    If you have any interest or need of our product, just feel free to send inquiry to us!

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