Fermentation Tank

In an organic fertilizer production line, the first step is to compost organic materials. Thus, it is important for you to use commercial composting equipment in manure composting process. Fermenter for biofertilizer production is the most efficient machine among all the industrial composting equipment. It is a kind of non-polluted machinery. In a stainless steel organic waste bio-reactor, harmful bacteria, insect eggs and grass seeds will be inactivated under the temperature of 80℃-100℃.

After this process, if you add some beneficial bacteria and fungi in the organic raw materials, that will be very helpful to decompose the materials. Besides, the composted organic materials processed in a Shunxin fermenter for biofertilizer production is more healthy and nutrient. What’s more, organic fertilizer fermentation belongs to aerobic fermentation. Equipped with a high-pressure air blower, the Tonga organic fertilizer fermentation tank can supply oxygen to the raw material in it continuously.

Fermenting Pot for Organic Fertilizer Production
Fermenting Pot for Organic Fertilizer Production

Fermenting Pot for Organic Fertilizer Production

Model: SXFJG-5

Heating Power: 24kw

Stirring Power: 7.5kw

Stirring Speed: 3(r/min)

Overall Size: 2200*2200*5300mm

Materials used for making organic fertilizer in Shunxin cylinder bioreactor

  • Agricultural wastes: straw, soybean dregs, stalk, mushroom residue, biogas residue, lignin residue, etc.
  • Livestock and poultry manure: chicken manure, cow dung, goat manure, horse dung, rabbit..
  • Industrial wastes: draff, cassava residue, sugar residue, furfural residue, biogass residue, etc.
  • Household wastes: kitchen waste
  • Municipal sludge: river silt, sewer sludge and so on.

In order to make more nutrient manure organic fertilizer, you can also add some beneficial bacteria and fungi into the fertilizer fermenter during the fermentation process. The bacteria for organic fertilizer fermentation is very helpful, because it can rapidly decompose organic matters. And with a small amount of the beneficial bacteria, many kinds of proteins in the material will degrade.

What does the fermenter for biofertilizer production consist of?

The fermentation tanks designed by Shunxin Heavy Industry can be divided into:

  • Feed inlet
  • Cylindrical fermentation part
  • Hydraulic power system
  • Feeding device
  • Discharge device
  • Deodorization system
  • Heating and insulation system
  • Observation part
  • High-pressure air blower
  • Discharge port

All these parts and systems are combined together as a fermenter for biofertilizer production. Every part of them are significant. In addition , we can make vertical organic fertilizer fermentation tanks, and we can manufacture horizontal fermentation tanks, too. You can choose our fertilizer fermenting tank according to yo needs, and Shunxin will make tailor-made fertilizer tank for you. For you reference, we can make stainless steel organic waste bio reactors whose volumes range from 5m3 to 150m3.

stainless steel fermenter
stainless steel fermenter

stainless steel fermenter for sale

Model: SXFJG-10

Heating Power: 24kw

Stirring Power: 11kw

Stirring Speed: 3(r/min)

Overall Size: 2400*2400*6900mm

Process of making organic compost in Shunxin fermentation tank

Feeding and mixing stage

First of all, you ought to put the organic materials into the feeding lifting device. Through this electric lifting device, the organic materials will enter into the fermenting tank. When all the organic wastes are in the fermenter, the hydraulic pump will start to work. The stirring shaft of the fermentation tank driven by the hydraulic cylinder starts to stir the organic material. At the same time, the spiral blades on the stirring shaft will make the organic material mixed evenly and fully contacted with the air.

When the stirring shaft is working, high-pressure air blower will add more fresh air into the fertilizer fermenting pot. Oxygen is necessary for the process of Aerobic fermentation, so a high-pressure fan is a must. In addition, an air heating rod is designed at the upper end of the stirring shaft. It is used to heat the passing high-pressure air. Next, the organic material will go through the aerobic fermentation stage.

How does Shunxin fermentation tank feed the materials for fermenting your organic waste in large scale?

Aerobic fermentation stage

Secondly, through the external electric heating blanket and the upper heating system, the inner part of the organic fertilizer fermenting tank will be heated. There is a temperature sensor on the fertilizer fermenter. The purpose of this temperature sensor is to regulate the temperature of the stainless steel fermentation tank automatically. Always, it can keep the temperature at the best status. After the fermenter tank finishes the composting process, the spiral delivery device will convey the composted material out of the fermentation tank for the next processing procedure.

Exhaust gas treatment stage

Finally, Shunxin stainless steel fertilizer fermenting pot is equipped with an exhaust gas processing device. This device can deodorize the harmful gases generated during the fermentation process. The processed gases are colorless and odorless and non-polluted, so you can release them into the air. With the deodorizing device, the organic fertilizer fermenting tank has become a more environmentally friendly facility.

Fermenter For Biofertilizer Production
Fermenter For Biofertilizer Production

Fermenter For Biofertilizer Production

Model: SXFJG-20

Heating Power: 36kw

Stirring Power: 18.5kw

Stirring Speed: 3(r/min)

Overall Size: 3700*3700*8500mm

Compared with compost turners, which advantages does a fertilizer fermenter have?

Less space demand

Compared with the traditional organic fertilizer fermentation method, Shunxin fermenting tanks for biofertilizer production cover a smaller area. In traditional way, you need prepare a site that is about 3000 square meters, if you want to have an annual output of 30000 tons organic fertilizer. However, if you choose a Shunxin fermentation tank to compost your organic material, you will save a lot of money on space expenses. For the same annual yield, a Shunxin fermentation tank just needs a area that is about 40 square meters. Shunxin fermenting tanks are cost-effective equipment. On the one hand, you do not need to purchase or rent a large place for a Shunxin fermentation tank. On the other hand, you can save some money for not building a fermentation shed.

Time-saving and high-efficient

The fermentation time of the fertilizer fermenters is relatively short.In tradition method, it takes around 20 days to compost the organic materials by compost turners. However, if you use a Shunxin fermentation tank to compost the organic materials, it can finish the deodorizing process in one day. What’s more, the fermenting process will last about nine days. Fermentation tanks for biofertilizer production are more high-efficiency than compost turners.

Easy operation

Shunxin stainless steel organic waste bio-reactors are easy to be operat. In traditional organic fertilizer fermentation process, you should hire many labors to work. With humanization design, Shunxin fermenting tanks are labor-saving equipment: one person can operate one or more organic fertilizer fermenters at the same time.

Organic Fertilizer Fermenter
Organic Fertilizer Fermenter

Organic Fertilizer Fermenter

Model: SXFJG-90

Heating Power: 46kw

Stirring Power: 26.5kw

Stirring Speed: 8-10(r/min)

Overall Size: 5000*5000*10000mm

Highly automatic

This industrial fermentation equipment is highly automatic. For your information, it is equipped with automatic temperature control system, automatic mixing system, automatic discharging system and automatic feeding system.

Good adaptability

The adaptability of Shunxin fertilizer fermenters is wide. In traditional way, it is impossible for you to make composted organic fertilizer in winter in the northern regions and at high altitude. However, by employing a Shunxin fermentation tank, you can make organic fertilizer regardless of regions and seasons.

All in all, compared with the traditional compost turning machines, the fermentation tank can save the area occupied for composting organic materials. Intelligent temperature control system ensures that there will be a constant temperature during the fermentation process. This can thoroughly solve the problem: it is hard to compost organic materials in winter. In addition, the organic fertilizer fermenter adopts closed fermentation method. That means no smelly gas will come out the fermentation pot and enter into the air. Honestly, Shunxin fermenters for biofertilizer production are really eco-friendly and reliable composting equipment. Therefore, it is an ideal choice for composting organic matters.

With so many advantages, it is understandable that fermentation tanks are relatively more expensive than compost turners. The minimum fermenter of Shunxin Heavy Industry is about 5 cubic meters while the maximum Shunxin fermentation tank is 150 cubic meters. We can customize different sizes of organic fertilizer fermenting pot for you. If you have interests in our products, please contact us!

100m³ fermentation tank
100m³ fermentation tank

100m³ fermentation tank for sale

Model: SXFJG-100

Heating Power: 46kw

Stirring Power: 26.5kw

Stirring Speed: 8-10(r/min)

Overall Size: 5000*5000*10000mm

How much does our smallest fermentation tank go for?

Our fermentation tanks has many specifications. Whether you want small size fermentation tank or large scale fermenter for your organic materials fermentation, we can meet you needs. The largest size of our fermenter is about 100 m³. And the smallest scale tank is about 5m³. Then how much will it cost for buying a small fermentation pot? Here you can know some factors which will affect the price of equipment.

Your materials

The materials is a key factor for making organic fertilizers. Generally, according to your different materials, we can provide you the different suggestion of equipment for your fermentation, including the materials we use when manufacturing equipment, etc.

Your ideal production capacity

The production capacity is key for influencing the price of fermenters. Shunxin manufactures small fermenter, which can meet you needs on 5m³ yield. And we can also customize for you if you have some other requirements on production capacity or some other aspects. As long as you provide the details of your production requirements, we will provide you the most professional suggestion for suiting your organic fertilizer fermentation. Of course, the largest the fermenters, the higher the prices.

Your plant scale

Besides the materials and production capacity, the plant scale is also key. As a rule, the fermentation vessel takes much space. And according to your plant scale, we can recommend you the best fermentation equipment configurations. And the price will be different, too.

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