npk fertilizer granulator

N, P, K are three important elements for growing plants. And the npk fertilizer has great market. If you are going to start a npk fertilizer business, the npk compound fertilizer granulation equipment is essential in the npk fertilizer production line. This equipment can make your npk materials into npk fertilizers granular. What you need to do is pulverizing the materials into powders, mixing them and then you can enter the npk fertilizer granulation process. The granulated npk compound fertiliser will be more convenient for your selling.

What granulators can you use for manufacturing granular npk fertilizers?

Making npk materials into compound fertilizers granular, it’s suitable for you to use Shunxin fertilizer granulators. For your different production requirements, there are various npk compound fertilizer granulation equipment for you to choose.

Small scale disk pan npk fertilizer pelletizer for sale

If you have a small scale fertilizer plants, we recommend you to use our pan granulator. This disk pelletizer has many specifications, which are different in production capacity, diameter, height, power consumption. Its smallest size machine can be used for lab use. Meanwhile, it also has large size, which has high output. Especially, you can use it for making not only npk compound fertilizer, but also organic fertilizers. It has good reputation among our customers. This type of pellet making machines will be an ideal equipment for your small scale fertilizer making business.

0.5T pan npk fertilizer granulator
0.5T pan npk fertilizer granulator

0.5T pan npk fertilizer granulator

Model: SXYZ-1500

Edge Height: 300mm

Rotary Speed: 21(r/min)

Capacity: 0.5-0.8t/h

Total Power: 3kw

Dimension: 1760*1500*1950mm

Npk fertilizer compactor roller machine for sale

Shunxin extrusion roller machine uses special dry granulation method. It can accept the materials, whose moisture content is between 5% and 10%. Different from the disk pan granulation machine, this double roller press equipment uses extrusion force for making powders into pellets. There is roller sheet inside the machine, which can shape the npk powders into granules. This roller compactor is a key equipment is widely used in the compound fertilizer production line. While, if you need a high output granulation equipment, it can be realized by drum granulation of npk fertilizers.

Npk fertilizer compactor roller machine
Npk fertilizer compactor roller machine

Npk fertilizer compactor roller machine

  • Model: SXJZ-1.5T(can be customized)
  • Granule Diameter(mm): 3-10
  • Roller Sheet Size(mm): 150×300
  • Dimensions(mm): 1450×850×1500

What is drum granulation of npk fertilizers?

The drum granulation of npk fertilizers means pelletizing powdery materials by the rotating drum. Shunxin rotary drum granulator take the advantages of rotating cylinder for making the materials get squeezed together into balls. There are many large scales npk compound fertilizer production companies, who use this drum npk compound fertilizer granulation equipment. With this drum granulation machine, your highest fertilizer yield can reach 30t/h. Its raw materials can be ammonium nitrate, ammonium sulfate, urea, calcium superphosphate, potassium chloride muriate, potassium sulphate and so on. Meanwhile, it’s applicable for you to add some vapor into the cylinder during the granulating process.

Drum Granulator for npk fertilizer making
Drum Granulator for npk fertilizer making

Drum Granulator for npk fertilizer making

  • Model: SXZGZ-1870(can be customized)
  • Power(Kw): 15
  • Diameter(mm): 1800
  • Length(mm): 7000
  • Installation Angle: 2-5°
  • Capacity(t/h): 5-8

After granulating, the next process you shall never miss:cooling

Generally, the npk compound fertilizer granulation equipment will make the granules in a high temperature and moisture content. Shunxin rotary drum cooler can lower the fertilizer granular temperature in both organic fertilizer making process and npk compound fertilizer production line. The effects will be better if you use the cooling machine matches with a dryer.

The cooling efficiency is an important factor for the pellets appearance and quality, especially for npk cooling. If the rotating drum cooling machine has low efficiency, there will be agglomeration phenomenon. For making better npk fertilizer granules, Shunxin uses advanced design for the cooling machine. Thus, the cooling efficiency has been highly improved. Meanwhile, it also reduces the agglomeration phenomenon.

Do you want to know more details about the npk cooling?

How do we design npk compound fertilizer granulation equipment?

Shunxin manufactures npk granulators with delicate design. These make the granulation effects better. Meanwhile, it will be easier and more convenient for your operation and maintenance.

  • We employ power scraper and powerless scraper for cleaning the materials on disc pan. The pan granulating machine pelletize the powders through the rotating disk. While, because of its wet granulation, there will be many materials, which sticks on the disk. This design can reduce the materials waste. Meanwhile, you don’t need to spend too much on cleaning the pan.
  • We manufacture disc npk fertilizer granulator with 3 outlets. The 3 outlets can work continuously, making the production efficiency higher.
  • The roller sheets of fertilizer roller compactor equipment can be customized. The finished npk pellets shapes are depends on the groove shapes of roller sheets. Shunxin provides customized roller sheets for customers’ different requirements.
  • For avoiding the npk materials being sticky on the liner of drum granulators, Shunxin uses special materials when manufacturing. The sticky materials inside the cylinder influences the granulation rate and the pellets appearance. Shunxin employs polymer material for dealing with this problem. Meanwhile, this material is also antirot.

npk compound fertilizer granulation equipment
npk compound fertilizer granulation equipment

npk compound fertilizer granulation equipment

  • Model: SXJZ-1T(can be customized)
  • Granule Diameter(mm): 3-10
  • Roller Sheet Size(mm): 150×220
  • Dimensions(mm): 1450×800×1450

Where to buy dry type npk compound fertilizer granulation equipment?

If you want to buy a dry type npk compound fertilizer granulation equipment, there are some factors you should consider: your plant scale, your ideal production capacity, the machines quality and the after-sale service. These 4 factors are helpful for you to find a trustworthy npk granular fertilizer machinery manufacturer. As a professional fertilizer equipment supplier, we have sufficient experience for giving you suggestions on selecting a suitable machine for your plants. What’s more, our customized service can also meet your different fertilizer production capacity requirements. As for the machine’s quality, the materials we use on machines are high quality, which have reached and even exceeded the national standard. Meanwhile, if you need, it’s applicable to use some special materials for customizing. And if you have any questions on our dry type granulator, we are glad to help you solve them and even send a technician for your plants.

In a word, Shunxin Heavy Industry Technology Co., Ltd. is a trustworthy fertilizer facilities supplier. Especially, we have our own factory for manufacturing equipment so that you can get the best price. If you are going to buy a machine, Shunxin will be a good choice.

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